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Do you need a quick boost to get going in your business or need some clarification before you proceed? In these 1:1 sessions, I'll help you get clear on what's possible for your business + how to get you there.


Your brain is spinning around about how to move forward with your business, branding and/or technology.

You need to identify some effective ways you can market your business.


My passion is to help businesses establish their image and web presence. As a digital branding consultant and website designer, I help my clients take their vision and together we create a digital strategy that attracts their ideal client. My company's mission is to produce a web solution that is creative, fully customized for your particular business and satisfies your business needs.

I do not build an online solution for you and leave you on your own. I walk through the process with you and assist you with making the right decisions for your business. My goal is to design a concept that will represent you and your brand.


Working With Me, I Will:

I will hold you accountable for what you need to do to achieve your business goals.

I will gain clarity on your vision and fill in the gaps of your existing brand.

I will share insights and lessons learned from my business experience. 

I will review your current process and discover what is not working in your business. 

I will break down your goals into actionable steps. NO MORE confusion and indecisiveness. 

I will determine a marketing strategy that will help you reach your financial goals.

I will build your confidence so you can show up in your business and tackle any fears.

I will polish your online presence so you can be confident about what you put out there. 


Shawntaye G.
Kingdom Come Logistics LLC

"It is a pleasure to work with TaRhonda Harvey. From start to finish, she has been attentive, understanding, and flexible on every project she has completed for our company. Most notably, she went above and beyond to learn about the transportation industry to ensure she created a clear and concise message for our audience.