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Specialize in helping you strategically grow your brand with the use of technology and practical business savvy.

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Let me tell your story – YOUR BRAND STORY! Whether it’s a startup, revamp of an existing identity or providing strategic recommendations, my goal is to help my clients succeed. My mission is to use my zest, forward thinking, and passion for business development to build and grow businesses through my suite of business services.

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Grab this FREE checklist outlining twelve (12) ways to stay on track when you have multiple tasks on your plate. 

One-on-One Consulting

Sometimes you want to brainstorm with someone that can view your business from a different perspective.

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Build your business with the right solutions. Find the necessary resources that will be beneficial to you and your business. 


What My Clients Are Saying...

So much knowledge! TaRhonda has a gift! With my business growing, her classes and webinars have been very helpful! I definitely would recommend her to everyone!

Ayize Hanif
Ayize Hanif
Entrepreneur/Queen Ayize

Miss TaRhonda of Kolmio Global did a wonderful job. But her IT skill set is only part of the bargain. She was so completely understanding and compassionate as my plans changed and I unfortunately dealt with crisis after crisis. We are on track now. Could not have done it without her!

Dr. D
Dr. D

TaRhonda has been instrumental in my business. Not only has she helped me grow my business, but she also provided me with a professional online presence. I did not have anything before working with TaRhonda. It has been a great investment!

Ken B.
Ken B.
Owner/KP Total Body

Excellent service! TaRhonda provided me with a business tip that dramatically effected my business the very next day! A few minor tweaks and VIOLA!

Alicia Duncan
Alicia Duncan

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