Owner of Kolmio Global Inc. and Creator of Bosses In Power®, I am passionate about ensuring that business owners at every stage have access to the resources and tools needed to create the business of their dreams. With over a decade of experience working as a brand consultant and web designer, I understand how to strategically grow brands with the use of technology and practical business savvy.

Equipped with a Master of Science degree in Business Management, five IT certifications and a Bachelor’s degree in Information Studies from Florida State University.



I made a decision that would completely change my life.

Deep thoughts of “Why now?” were racing through my head. Everything was evolving, but by compromising my well-being. One would define my life as a success story, but my life reflected stress, sacrifice, anxiety, and neglect behind the scenes. As much as I wanted to change the situation, I could not imagine altering a routine I’ve had for a number of years. In my heart though, I knew a decision had to be made.

I waited patiently until I received my answer from God. The song, A Change is Gonna Come was no longer just a song title for me, but a chapter in my life. It was time to leave Corporate America.

As I wrote my resignation letter, I couldn't believe that I was putting an end date for a job I went to for almost 14 years of my life. I couldn't believe that I was walking away from something that others would consider “stable” to follow my own dreams.

I decided that only God will have control of my life. I decided that my skills will no longer be placed in a bubble. I decided to believe in myself even when others might have doubted my decisions. But most of all, I decided to heed my lessons learned from Corporate America and entrepreneurship.

I learned that success is not based on the amount of money you have, but by being content where you are and having a peace of mind with where you are going. I learned that happiness is defined by how you choose your happiness. I chose my happiness by walking in complete faith.

Let me tell your story – YOUR BRAND STORY! Whether it’s a startup, revamp of an existing identity or providing strategic recommendations, my goal is to help my clients succeed.


I have the privilege helping entrepreneurs brand themselves online and create a strategic and profitable marketing plan to attract their target audience. Every brand is not the same!