Website Audit


Have you looked at your website and wondered if you are missing content or functionality that could help your website visitors navigate more efficiently? Have you wondered if your message is clear? Have you wondered with your website is appealing to your targeted audience? Have you wondered if your design represents your brand? If you answered Yes to one or more of these questions, then you need a Website Audit.

With a 45-minute website audit consultation, your website will be reviewed and improvements will be identified. Sometimes you need someone from outside your business to provide honest feedback. So why not get feedback from a branding consultant.

The way your website looks and its “feel” reflects strongly on your business. You want to ensure that your business is presented well online, with a visually striking design and a heavy focus on the business image and identity. Every business deserves a strong identity on the Internet. You want to leave a lasting impression so your website visitors will want to visit your website again.

Still deciding if you need a website audit? In the interim, here are some website design tips:

  • Maintain a clean look for your web site and not too “busy” or cluttered.
  • Design the look of your web pages to be consistent.
  • Use quality and professional images.
  • Provide easy navigation throughout your website.
  • Use contrasting colors or simple backgrounds to make your text easy to read.
  • Use spell check.


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