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Respect Your Business

Do you treat your business like a business or like a hobby? When you treat your business like a business and you respect your business, you are cautious where and how your brand is used.

  • You don’t allow individuals to ask for discounts because you know what your skills and knowledge is worth.
  • You don’t lower your prices to accommodate individuals who aren’t even your target audience. They will buy once at the lower price and next time ask for a discount.
  • You don’t involve your brand with every opportunity because your brand is not aligned with what is being offered or what that opportunity stands for.
  • You are focused to take your business to the next level.
  • You don’t allow your business to be associated with negativity or allow individuals to tag your business to foolishness on social media.
  • You will invest in yourself and your business even if that means you have to sacrifice something.

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