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Erin Francis

Owner / The Career Empress

“TaRhonda has done an amazing job with helping me take my resume writing business to the next level. The personal touch that she provides is none like any other business consultant that I have personally worked with. She designed my business logo and my business website. TaRhonda has been organized, professional, creative, inspiring and motivating to me since our initial connection. I look forward to a long term relationship with TaRhonda and her company, Kolmio Global as an extension of The Career Empress family! I can’t thank her enough for her continuous support and knowledge!!!”

Buera Gamble

Entrepreneur and Fashion Designer

“In the midst of running four (4) businesses, TaRhonda is my primary contact when I need business consulting. There are times when I need to get things done and unsure of how it should be worded or marketed, I call TaRhonda. She’s like “Girllllllll let me do this” and sends me what I need in minutes. From writing my autobiography, my sponsorship letters and providing website advice, she is always thorough. TaRhonda is very professional and prompt when it comes to taking care of business. Anything business related that is presented in front of me TaRhonda researches and makes sure it’s a Go!!! She is worth every penny that I have invested. I appreciate the friendship and business relationship we have created.”

Teresa Johnson

Executive Director / Northwest Community Consortium, Inc.

“TaRhonda redesigned my organization’s website, Northwest Community Consortium Inc. From beginning to end, she displayed professionalism, attention to detail and listened well. TaRhonda’s skills and knowledge about her craft are cutting edge and allowed me to lean on her expertise relative to rebranding, website navigation and content display. Thank you TaRhonda.”

Sandra Price

Founder / TanAngels4ever, Inc.

“I was referred to Ms. TaRhonda Harvey, owner of Kolmio Global by a friend. After speaking with TaRhonda and viewing her previous work, I knew in my heart the search was over. I was emotional about this task. It was very personal to me because the website was being built for TanAngels4ever, Inc.; a non-profit organization founded in memory of my twin sister, who passed from Cholangiocarcinoma/Bile Duct Cancer in 2017. TaRhonda exceeded all my expectations and more. She listened to me tell my sister’s journey with genuine compassion, understanding the foundation’s mission and vision. TaRhonda went above and beyond doing research about Bile Duct Cancer so that the information was executed to perfection. She was amazing to work with. Professional, kind and great business owner. Our organization was very pleased and excited about the website. Thank you, TaRhonda for bringing our vision to life. You are truly one of a kind. We look forward to continue working with you and your company.”